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20/50/100 Campaign


We are continually being immensely blessed with clients and new opportunities for growth. That is why we are launching our 20/50/100 campaign, to give you an easy example of what it looks like when you give $20, $50, and $100 on a monthly basis



Provides the counseling materials and welcome packets used in a client's initial visit. Initial sessions are crucial in helping a mother to see the reality of the life that is within her womb.

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"Initial sessions are crucial because we cannot count on having a client during her whole pregnancy. Every session matters."

In one year, you would have given enough to fully cover the needs of one client.




Covers the cost of monthly self-enrichment classes for one client.  These classes prepare moms for motherhood. Each class begins with a consultation with a Registered Nurse, followed by an enrichment lesson with a Client Advocate. Afterwards, the client is able to shop in the Baby Boutique.

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"Classes provide information on nutrition, podt-partnum care, infant care, and the list goes on. All our classes are CPS approved."

In one year, you would have given enough to fully cover the needs of three clients.



$100 a month

Provides a pregnancy test, sonogram and nurse consultation for a LifeLine mom each month.  This critical moment is when clients first see the child on the ultrasound screen and hear their child’s heartbeat.


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"Sonograms are often the game-changers for a new mom,  unsure of what decision to proceed with."

In one year you would have given enough to fully cover the needs of six clients.



Prayerfully consider partnering with us in advocating for the life of the unborn and sharing the gospel with the lost in partnership with the local church by giving monthly in the 20/50/100 campaign. 


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